Hope for Home

Our charity was born out of shared personal experiences looking after loved ones with dementia at home, and our mission is to help others to do the same.
We came together in 2007 to form Hope for Home as a group of people who were at that time looking after loved ones at home or had previously done so.

We had found that there was generally there was very little support for family carers who find themselves in the heartbreaking situation of looking after a loved one.

Our Patrons, Trustees, staff and volunteers are a group of people with a common experience and a shared vision.
At the root of our vision is an acknowledgement that every individual has unique needs, wishes and an interpretation of the world.
Each individual has the right to have this uniqueness recognised and to be treated with dignity and respect at all times.

People with dementia and/or advanced Parkinson’s Disease often have this right ignored and they and their carers are given little or no option about treatment choices or about how, or where they wish to be cared for.

Hope for Home passionately defends and supports the right of such people to be cared for and remain in their own homes, and we offer help based on our values.
Our projects provide for the relief of elderly persons with dementia and/or advanced Parkinson’s Disease, and we help carers who are looking after their loved ones in their own family home.

We provide information and guidance on where to seek advice, the latest news and research, caring for someone at home, and how to get help.

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